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JUZO JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic Ankle Support For Ligaments


  • support of the anatomical structures thanks to textile reinforcing elements
  • extremely thin, therapeutic circular-knitted fabric with different knitting zones for an anatomical fit
  • designed for a permanent use
  • ergonomic pressure pads

The JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic provides anatomical guidance for the affected ankle, thus relieving it during movement. Thanks to its bi-elastic knitted fabric in combination with anatomically shaped pads, the support applies compression, promoting lymphatic drainage which results in reduced swelling and pain relief. Proprioception and the resulting muscular auto-stabilisation of the ankle are improved. Notes for application You can use the Juzo Slippie Donning aid to help you put on your JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic. Your medical products supplier will be happy to demonstrate its correct use for you.

Note: Rough, unfiled nails, rings with sharp edges, etc. could damage the knitted fabric. Here’s how to put on your JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic correctly: 1. On the inside of the support you will find a patch that indicates the side and also the top (proximal) end of the support. Grasp the support on the upper edge and pull it over your ankle (Fig. 1 + 2). 2. The malleoli (bony protuberances on the ankle) need to be located exactly within the openings provided. If necessary, adjust the position of the support (Fig. 3). Put on your support while sitting down to prevent injuries or falling. The correct fit of the support is assured when it encloses the ankle tightly but does so without exerting a too strong (possibly painful) pressure on the malleoli. Fine adjustment of the support may be made at any time. Toe nails and calluses can cause damage, as can the defective inner lining of shoes. Please note: Only wear your support when prescribed by your physician. Medical aids should only be dispensed by suitably trained staff of a medical products supplier. The effectiveness of the support can only be guaranteed if it is applied correctly. Although your support is largely resistant to oils, ointments, skin moisture and other environmental influences, the fabric as well as worked in pressure pads can be adversely affected by certain combinations of these factors. We therefore recommend that it gets examined regularly by the medical products supplier. Should the product become damaged, please consult your specialist supplier. Do not repair the support yourself – this could compromise its quality and medical efficacy. For hygienic reasons, the support is not suitable for treating more than one patient.
Washing and care instructions
Please note the care instructions on the textile label sewn into your stockings or the printed information. Do up the fasteners (if there are any) before washing! Wash the supports separately the first time (colour may run). Your support should be washed every day on a gentle or delicate wash cycle. Tip: a laundry net provides additional protection for the knitted fabric. Please do not use fabric softener! When hand washing, rinse well and do not wring. We recommend the gentle Juzo special detergent. You can reduce drying time by placing the support on a thick towel after washing, tightly rolling the towel up and firmly pressing out excess moisture. Then hang the support up loosely. Do not leave the product in the towel and do not dry it on a radiator or in the sun. Juzo supports are not suitable for dry cleaning. Material composition Details are provided on the label sewn into your support. Storage information and shelf life Store in a dry place and protect from sunlight.
Supports have a maximum shelf life of 42 months. The usage period of the medical product is printed on the box with an hourglass symbol. Body measurements may change based on the patient’s condition and individual circumstances. We therefore recommend that medical specialists check body measurements regularly.
Indications Chronic lateral and medial collateral ligament instabilities, early osteoarthritis as well as osteoarthritis prevention, accelerated resorption of oedemas, effusions and haematomas, after ankle surgery, degenerative joint disorders, irritation of the ankle joint, early mobilisation
If the following symptoms exist, the support should only be worn after consultation with the physician: Arterial insufficiency, lymph drainage disorders, post-thrombotic syndromes, skin disorders or skin irritation; open wounds in the treated body area should be kept sterile. The Julius Zorn GmbH Group assumes no liability as a result of any contraindicated use of this product. Side effects There are no known side effects when used as directed. However, if negative alterations (such as for example skin irritations) should occur while the use of our products has been prescribed, please go to your doctor or your specialist dealer immediately. If an incompatibility should be known against one or several ingredients of this product, please check back with your doctor before use. If your symptoms worsen during the time you are wearing the product, please take off the support and consult a medical specialist immediately.

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